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Industrial Systems Ltd. (ISL) is a family owned business located just south of the border between Illinois and Wisconsin in the town of Richmond IL.  ISL maintains a staff of well trained employees. We have a small fleet of trucks ready to serve you, all licensed to run in the Great Lakes States. 

Our founder, Robert Schams, sold concrete products and chemical admixtures in the early 60’s. In 1981 he started ISL which was the first company to sell synthetic concrete fibers to the Northern Illinois area and subsequently  we developed our own fiber product called Durafiber.  28 years ago we started selling liquid  Calcium Chloride concrete accelerator and not much later began selling it for de-icing too.

Eventually we expanded our Calcium Chloride de-icing business to include an entire line of ice melt products, both  liquid & dry, from rock salt to airport de-icers.   Since we had the equipment to manufacture liquid concrete admixtures already it was natural that we would begin custom blending liquid pre-wetting, anti-icing & de-icing products.   We also sell tanks & liquid spraying equipment for trucks and salt pre-wetting dispensers for municipalities.  

We manufacture the InfernalMelt & CryoMelt line of liquid Ice Melt Products composed  of several Proprietary Organic Polymers  from the agricultural industry.  Some products are geared towards municipalities while others are developed for snow contractors.  

We endeavor to stay on the cutting edge of the profession, whether it is through use of our in house lab or being available to help you with whatever situation you may have. We are members of APWA, SIMA, ASTM & NSWWA.  

No matter what your challenge let us go to work for you to help increase your profitability and safety. 


Greg Schams

Industrial Systems, Ltd.




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