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Below is a list of the liquid ice melt products that we offer.  Please contact us to discuss your
needs or any questions you may have. Industrial Systems Ltd. has a fleet of trucks and tankers available to ship from our 2 midwestern mixing facilities.

Ask for the data from Oxychem showing Calcium Chloride is a smart safe choice.  Don't be misled!  The proper use of Calcium Chloride is safe & effective and allows the use of less chlorides overall.

Why else would most bagged deicing salt blends as well as liquid blends have Calcium Chloride as an important ingredient.  Without it the products are far less effective, especially in colder temperatures.

Product Description

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InfernalMelt CI  (with corrosion Inhibitor) An inexpensive liquid ice melter for cost conscious snow removal contractors.  It has a freezing point of -36F and can be used for de-icing, anti-icing and pre-wetting rock salt. It is composed primarily of Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium Chlorides. Artfully blended for maximum performance it dissolves snowpack and ice faster than dry materials. When used for pre-wetting it reduces bounce and scatter of the rock salt. When used for anti-icing it helps prevent bonding between snow & ice and the pavement.

 InfernalMelt  (NO!- corrosion Inhibitor) same as above

 InfernalMelt - M No Magnesium Chloride added for municipalities that are not allowed to use it.

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InfernalMelt Organic liquid adds an organic additive to the standard InfernalMelt blend.  The residual effect from the added organic additive is like gluing the salts to the pavement or walk thus making it last longer on the surface, which means less subsequent application of ice melters.  This is ideal for snow removal contractors who need maximum ice melting power that starts sooner and lasts longer than conventional rock salt.  InfernalMelt Organic also provides significant corrosion inhibition allowing it to be used in sensitive areas.  It has a freezing point of -34F.

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High End Product



InfernalMelt with Residucron is a clear liquid with the Residucron organic additive which adds a residual effect to the standard InfernalMelt blend.  The residual effect from the Residucron additive is like gluing the salts to the pavement or walk thus making it last longer on the surface which means less subsequent application of ice melters. Unlike our other organic additive, Residucron is clear.  This is ideal for snow removal contractors who need long lasting ice melting power but can't have darker colored organics that may have a slight odor outside stores and offices.  There is the added benefit of less incidental damage to landscaping. The Residucron additive also provides significant corrosion inhibition allowing it to be used in sensitive areas.  It has a freezing point of -34F.

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    InfernalMelt NC

"InfernalMelt NC"  -    Whether you're a contractor or municipality, sometimes you have an environmentally sensitive area to treat.  InfernaMelt NC is the product you need.  InfernalMelt NC is an environmentally friendly anti-icing & prewetting liquid that contains ABSOLUTELY NO CHLORIDES!  It is a clear violet colored, non-corrosive & easy to handle liquid that is highly effective down to -22F.   It has a very low BOD (biological oxygen demand) and toxicity which results in minimal environmental impact.  It is also safer around pets and vegetation than other liquids.


Liquid Calcium


“Liquidow” Technical Grade Calcium Chloride solution comes in 32%, 38%, & 42% concentrations.  It meets ASTM D98 Specifications and is manufactured by OxyChem. Used for pre-wetting Rock Salt or blending into “Supermix” style mixtures.

Liquidow 32% has a freezing point of -17F. 

Not to be used straight for anti-icing

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ThermaPoint R - Road Ready!  Municipalities can use this for pre-wetting, anti-icing, & de-icing.  It is an organic environmentally friendly product composed of a Proprietary Organic Polymer mixed with Calcium Chloride & Sodium Chloride brine that provides corrosion inhibition while also preventing ice and snow from sticking to the pavement. This rates an NACE PNS corrosion number  of 9.2 which means it is 90.8% less corrosive than rock salt. It has a freezing point of -40°F.

ThermaPoint R exceeds the performance of Supermix's  80-10-10, 80-15-5 & 75-15-10  with a lower working temperature & a longer lasting residual effect.  This product is biologically stable and it doesn't break down causing objectionable odors or clog sprayer tips. 


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Blending Ingredient

ThermaPoint C - Super Concentrate.  Is a super concentrate for customers with formulation blending operations. Because it measurably provides the longest lasting residual effect of all organics on the market, lower dosages are needed to make "Supermix" style products. This rates an NACE PNS corrosion number of 2.8 which means it is 97.2% less corrosive than rock salt.  It has a freezing point of -27.  Thermapoint C also makes a fantastic stockpile treatment at 5 gls./ton.  The thicker yet still pumpable viscosity keeps the product on your salt not flowing through the pile like most other products.

 ThermaPoint C exceeds the performance of Geomelt 55 or  Fusion 55 with a lower working temperature and a longer residual effect.  It  melts more pounds of ice per gallon than the others and stays on the road longer!  This product is biologically stable and it doesn't break down causing objectionable odors or clog sprayer tips.

* Strongest residual effect on the market as reported by municapalities that have tested it against other organics with an estimated increase in residual effect over other organics of 25%


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Blending Ingredient


  Just Add Salt Brine  


* InfernalMelt Briners Turbocharging additive *

 is a premium engineered Biopolymer Organic liquid formulated from renewable resources.  It was developed to help simplify blending winter liquids for municipalities that had briners but didn’t want the expense and confusion of keeping several tanks of raw ingredients.   All you do is add our additive to the brine you create from rock salt.  It’s as easy as that!  We’ve preloaded the Calcium Chloride that allows you to use the finished product to lower temperatures than straight salt brine.


Blending Ingredient

* InfernalMelt Blending Concentrate *

 is a premium engineered Biopolymer Organic liquid formulated from renewable resources. It is used as an additive to your salt brine blends such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride or others. 

with its powerful Organic Biopolymer provides significant corrosion inhibition due to the high concentration of sugars and carbs.  In addition to corrosion inhibition the plethora of sugars ensures your end product sticks tenaciously to the pavement.  As a result anti-icing operations can be performed farther in advance with less chance of being washed or blown away than standard sodium brines.  








CryoMelt NC

is a non-chloride liquid used primarily for anti-icing/pre-wetting operations.  CryoMeltNC was developed to provide an affordable alternative to higher priced materials such as potassium acetate and other more expensive products.  It is 100% bio-degradable and earth friendly.  It has a low freeze point of -20°F and can be used for anti-icing, pre-wetting materials and de-icing. It is a perfect choice for environmentally sensitive areas or where corrosion may be a concern.  What this equates to is less damage to the environment.                          




30% Magnesium Chloride Solution - This liquid is an alternative to liquid Calcium Chloride. It also can be used for Pre-wetting Rock Salt or blending into “Supermix” style Mixtures.

               Not to be used straight for anti-icing




50% Potassium Acetate - This material is designed for airports, bridges & parking garages. It is clear and odorless and it’s freeze point is below –70°F. The material intrinsically has very low corrosion values which are brought down further with added corrosion inhibitors. It meets the stringent requirements of AMS 1435A.  It has low BOD (biological oxygen demand) and toxicity which results in minimal environmental impact. When used at 1 gal./1000 sq.ft. it diffuses down through the snow and ice to break the bond between frozen precipitation and the pavement. Very safe around pets also.  


Let us custom make a specific blend you have in mind. We’ll sit down and decide if it’s viable and then we can make a small sample as a proof of concept to check for incompatible materials.  We’ll price it out and provide a quote to you then. Upon your approval full scale production can then commence. We can also produce a Specification and or Certificate of Analysis if you wish.  It’s your creation and you have the option of naming it !  




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