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Dust Suppressant Liquids


A third of all roads in the US are unpaved and dust fines are a significant problem on these unpaved roads.  You may be concerned with the health hazards of air born dust or you're worried that the loss of the fine particles in the makeup of the road threaten it's very existence leading to more expensive repairs. The dust you see blowing away from your road is not merely a nuisance. The dust is actually aggregate fines which act like a glue that holds the road together. Potholes & rutting are caused by the loss of these fines due to wind, rain & watering. 

Industrial Systems provides liquid solutions to your dusting roads. From high quality chloride products to innovative proprietary products that reduce, and virtually eliminate chlorides; we deliver unique, high performance liquids that will preserve your surfaces and roads.

Our Liquidow Calcium Chloride (CaCl) is hygroscopic. This hygroscopic quality allows the material to keep replenishing itself from the humidity in the air thus holding these essential fines in place an average of 2-6 months. Our Magnesium Chloride (MgCl) is similarly hygroscopic but is not as economically viable as an option in the Midwest region.  Calcium Chloride is more available here due to being close to the source.  Secondly MgCl is only available in 30% solution.  In the area here 38% CaCl cost less than 30% MgCl.  Ultimately,  for the same amount of application labor and a lower material cost the CaCl  would last longer than the MgCl due to the higher solids content (38% CaCl vs. 30% MgCl).  If for some reason you prefer MgCl we do have it available also.  It is often used in horse arenas.


Our other products include:


29% Natural Chloride Brine which is a non ASTM D98 liquid composed predominantly of Calcium Chloride with a small amount of sodium chloride.

Lignosulfonates - Lignins are derived from wood pulp and are environmentally friendly.  They provide additional soil stabilization.

SBR Latex -  SBR Polymer emulsion is a powerful bonding agent engineered to bond soil particles together. It’s non-hazardous, water-soluble, and environmentally clean.

HygroChlor is an artfully blended hybrid product that takes hygroscopic chlorides; Calcium Chloride & Magnesium Chloride and mixes them with an organic component which adds additional soil stabilization to the road bed.


Dust Suppressant Application - Our Liquids in Our Trucks or we will deliver liquids to your location and you apply them.  You can also pick up liquids from our Richmond, IL facility.



Liquidow Calcium Chloride is available in 32% and 38% concentrations




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