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HygroCh lor

Dust Control Application - Our Liquids / Our Trucks


HygroChlor is an artfully blended hybrid product that takes the best qualities of two common dust control agents to form a synergistic blend. In addition is has not 1 but 2 types of chlorides placing emphasis on Calcium Chloride. When the organic component is mixed with our proprietary 2-chloride blend you receive a product that has noticeably increased performance. HygroChlor Organic has the additional benefit of a greatly reduced corrosion rate that is not present when using just regular Chlorides.



  • HygroChlor Organic 15-85 (Hvy Organic / 2-Chloride blend)
  • HygroChlor Organic 20-80 (Heavy Organic / 2-Chloride blend)



Pure Liquid Calcium Chloride is also avalable in 38% and 42% (Liquidow)




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