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                    Manufacturer of a variety of                       Anti-Icer, De-Icer, Dust Control and Chloride liquids.

Industrial Systems provides a wide range of liquid and dry products to prevent snow & ice from bonding to pavement and sidewalks.  Our customers are typically municipal public works departments, DOT’s, private snow removal contractors, property management firms and industrial facilities.

Our goal is to provide proven engineered products with professionalism, quality, and integrity in a timely fashion. We strive to innovate new products that are economical while also reducing the overall chlorides going into the environment and liquids are the key to that goal! 


                   InfernalMelt CI 

Liquid anti-ice/pre-wet/de-icer

InfernalMelt CI  is a “HOT” ready to use winter liquid. It is a corrosion inhibited clear blended liquid ice melter for cost conscious contractors. It has been referred to as “Liquid Fire”! It is our best road ready product artfully blended with 4 chlorides and proprietary performance additives that leave typical “Hot Brines” in the cold!  It has a low freeze point of -38F which will keep working on your pavement when other brines are making ice.  The added corrosion inhibitor helps protect your equipment & other vehicles on the road. Don't get in trouble with plain salt brine or improvised hot brines. Use our robust but budget friendly product.


New 3rd Generation Liquid.  Even More Environmentally Friendly: 

CryoMelt LIquid


 CryoMelt is the ultimate organic concentrate ingredient to use in formulating your winter liquids. CryoMelt C Organic Bio-Polymer will boost the performance of your brine without the brown sludge inherent in many other organic products. The Bio-Polymer in CryoMelt C provides snow and ice control performance superior to standard salt brine with less corrosion. The robust residual effect of the organic Bio-Polymer in CryoMelt C equates to the product remaining on the pavement longer which ultimately means less product needs to be used for the same level of service. CryoMelt C contains no Calcium or Magnesium Chlorides! Plus it is far more biologically stable than other organics so it will not break down or ferment in your tanks.  










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