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                    Manufacturer of a variety of                       Anti-Icer, De-Icer, Dust Control and Chloride liquids.


     Dust Control Products & Applications

            HygroChlor / Liquid Calcium Chloride / Hvy. Organics / Mixes                             275 gallons totes - 1/4 tankers - 1/2 tankers - full tankers


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New 3rd Generation Liquid.  Even More Environmentally Friendly 


CryoMelt Liquid

An agriculturally derived bio-polymer formulated to be mixed with salt brine.  This fluid is green in color and contains no calcium or magnesium chloride. Simplify your mixing.  Our formulations range from ultra low to "no" Calcium Chloride.  Mix 80/20 or 70/30 with salt brine. 


  InfernalMelt liquid anti-icer/de-icer

InfernalMelt is a stand alone road treatment liquid that operates at unparalleled deep sub-zero temperatures. Biologically, it is one of the most stable anti-ice liquids in use today with the highest corrosion free rating (90% Plus) currently on the market. It is a value added product whose performance and capabilities you would be hard pressed to exceed.



Our goal is to provide proven engineered products to the Winter Snow & Ice industry, with professionalism, quality, integrity and accuracy in a timely fashion.

We specialize in liquid ice melters.  Agriculturally based liquids have been evolving over the last 15 years and we believe they have reached a point, both environmentally & economically, where their use now allows snow removal professionals to save money by using less rock salt while also reducing the amount of salt runoff that contributes to environmental degradation.

We also handle dry Ice Melters such as Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Urea, Sodium Formate, CMA, and Pro-Ice Blend.


Our goal is to reduce the overall amount of chlorides going into the environment and liquids are the key to accomplishing that goal.

Please browse our website and contact us with any questions you have.


Our most popular products


    InfernalMelt Liquids                          ThermaPoint Liquids

    CryoMelt Liquids                               Liquidow 32% Calcium Chloride        

      Cargill Bagged Rock Salt                  Professional Ice Melter Dry Blend    

    Peladow Calcium Chloride bags       Magnesium Chloride Bagged 

                                                 Custom Liquid Blends on Request                             






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